• While playing paintball, it is forbidden to remove the face mask until the game is over and all markers / rifles have been lowered to the ground. Removing or not wearing a mask on the court is considered a serious violation of the rules and is punishable by disqualification from the game or removal from the paintball court.
  • Be sure to keep the barrel / rifle barrel facing the floor during the break. Be sure to put a protective cover on the marker tube when leaving the field.
  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to collect balls from the floor. The cracked balls are softened and no longer burst at the target but bounce like rubber bullets. Once cracked, the balls can damage the marker and injure the player when reused.
  • A hit is valid in any part of the body or equipment.
  • After the goal, his hand goes up in the air and leaves the field until the next game.
  • It is forbidden to delete the hit (paint from the equipment and body).
  • It is forbidden to reveal the position of the player on the field after leaving the game.



The FT-12 is designed to be extremely balanced when an air source and funnel are attached, giving you an ergonomic and easy-to-use marker platform to help you play better while using the right shooting positions on the field.

The features and design of this marker have been developed based on feedback from real players and fields that match Tippmann and let them know what it takes for the next generation of durable, consistent Tippmann markers. Tippmann stays ahead of the game and solidifies his legendary status in the industry.


Annex MI3 Thermal is a lightweight mask made of polyethylene by injection molding. This ensures high elasticity and resistance to damage. The mask has a quick lens change function that allows the mask to adapt to current weather conditions without the need to have a separate mask.

The shield is a polycarbonate construction with two layers, covered with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. Thanks to them, resistance to shocks, scratches or fogging is as high as possible.

The mask provides full protection of the face from the chin to the ears. Numerous ventilation holes allow better air circulation. Inside the mask, where it meets the face, there is a high-quality, gentle to the touch, soft foam lining that provides the user with incomparable wearing comfort.



Two-tone, one side is black and the other green massaging, can be rotated as desired

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